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Heartland Farms provides countless locations for outdoor ceremonies or events

1. Lake of Love
This beautiful 16 acre lake creates a breathtaking natural environment with its views and wildlife.
It creates a serene backdrop for gorgeous wedding pictures, family pictures, or pictures of nature.  Some of the natural inhabitants of the lake include turtles, fish of all kinds including giant catfish, tadpoles, and frogs.  Sometimes the lake is visited by geese, ducks, herrings, and often our very own peacocks that call Heartland Farms their own.

2. Barn of Bliss
2500sf with concrete floors and standard lighting, electrical outlets available
-8×10 rectangular tables, and chairs
-Assortment of vintage/rustic decorations, props, furniture, and other items to choose from for use as desired

3. Gazebo of Grace
The lovely wooden 10×10 gazebo on the bank of the lake features removable bench swing.  Surrounding the gazebo are fixed shellac finished cedar benches to accommodate 200 +/- guests.

4. Cozy Cabin
Old Rustic Cabin built in the early 1900’s by the Steed family. Now restored and fully furnished with electricity and kitchenette. Outside of the cabin is an observation deck with built-in bench seats with outdoor lighting to view the lake.

Bath House – Fully accessible restroom facilities with water closets and lavatories for your convenience
Fire pit –with roasting sticks

–For Weddings and Events we offer the use of all of the facilities for a price of $2800.00, which includes a full wedding day either Saturday or Sunday as well as the evening of rehearsal dinner.

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