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Heartland Farms all started just like its name; with a heart and a farm. The hearts of Mr. Tom & Mrs. Nora Crutchfield (My great grandparents) were overjoyed living off of their farmland of 500 acres located in Round Oak, Georgia while raising their 9 children in the early 1900’s. Their lavish land produced corn, sugar cane, and cotton. They also collected milk from their dairy cows and raised other livestock such as hogs and chickens. One of the 9 children was Mrs. Cassie Crutchfield, who later became a Steed (My grandmother).

During the Great Depression when the Bo-wevil struck the cotton fields, in order to survive, the Crutchfield family was forced to sell off 250 acres of their beloved farm to what is now Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge.

All the Crutchfield children grew up and moved away from the farm to start their lives elsewhere with the exception of Mr. Lamar Crutchfield. He stayed behind, and helped his father manage the farm. Mr. Tom Crutchfield passed away at a young age, leaving Lamar to tend to the farm alone, and care for his mother. Upon the death of Nora Crutchfield, the remaining 240 acres were left to Lamar. He then offered half of the farm to Cassie (my grandmother), if she would agree to return to Round Oak and help him take care of it. She graciously accepted my uncle’s offer and excitedly returned to the farm. She dearly loved the farm where she had grown up and was excited to raise her own children there. At this time, S&S Farms was name my grandparents gave to their property.

Cassie and her husband along with their son, Jackie Steed (my father), purchased a herd of low –line Angus cattle from a large cattle farm in Bibb County (Macon) during the late 1950’s and began cattle farming. In 1954 they built a 16 acre lake, a small catfish pond, a cabin, a boathouse & a little pavilion.

Owners- Angel & Mark
Owners- Angel & Mark

In 2014 my wife, Angel, and I decided after much deliberation to sell the Sim-Angus cross cattle herd, and turn the farm into an events venue. We had so many of our friends telling us what a wonderful place we have. We decided we wanted others to enjoy the beauty and richness of the farm. We have recently added a 50 x 50 post and beam barn, a quaint gazebo by the lake, remodeled the old boathouse, and remodeled the existing cabin in a rustic style. This is truly a place of peace and relaxation, a place to put down your stressful thoughts and appreciate time with family and friends.

Angel and I welcome you and your family to our humble farm! It is our hope and prayer you make many precious memories here as our family has for over 100 years.

May God bless you all,

Mark & Angel Steed

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